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Lure of Diamonds - Hand Tied Flies with Diamond Drops
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The Lure of Diamonds® - Original, Hand Tied Flies with Diamonds

The Exclusive and Patented Collection of Diamond Studded Lures
for Collar Pins and Tie Tacks. All hand- tied flies are original works.

If you are interested in making a purchase, please call us for pricing,and specifications, or to pick your diamond shape, color, size and quality:

These Lures are original, patented, limited edition items. The metal parts are hand-crafted and the diamonds are carefully chosen and handset. The flies are tied by Mr. J.R. Cox who has been tying flies since 1947. Mr. Cox has been featured in many articles about fly tying and his efforts on behalf of conservation.

Joden World Resources is the sole marketing resource for his work.